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A complex systems engineering consulting service
"We specialize in supporting and chairing sessions at technical and systems engineering conferences, providing tutorials, facilitating professional workshops, lecturing or teaching in college and graduate-level engineering classes or online courses, volunteering in elementary school algebra or science classes while collaborating with the teachers, and tutoring and/or facilitating special-help sessions in basic mathematics, pre-algebra, algebra or pre-calculus, calculus, etc., particularly with junior high, high school, and/or college students." Dr. Brian E. White

Systems engineering (SE) activity in System of Systems (SoS), Enterprise Systems Engineering (ESE), and Complex Systems Engineering (CSE) continues to increase. There is still some controversy as to how well classical, conventional, or traditional methods of SE are able to handle our most difficult complex systems problems, and whether new ways of systems thinking will help. This tutorial: 1) explains and give examples of complex systems (CSs) and CSE; 2) provides insights into CS behaviors and advocates sound CSE principles; and 3) suggests ways forward to improve our abilities to handle or deal with very complex problems, particularly by intentionally including the key stakeholders in the system in question. For then we know we are not in absolute control of the situation because we cannot control people but only influence them. Thus, one must bring a healthy dose of humility in understanding the problem, be open to discussions with others and really listen while sharing our various perceptions of the underlying reality which no one can fully understand by themselves.

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Professional Workshops

Drawing upon material in the above tutorials, lectures, seminars and/or workshops in academic forums specializing or touching upon system engineering (SE) are given. One lecture provides an introduction to SE. This includes definitions, origins, and viewpoints of SE. The multi-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, and trans-disciplinary approaches are compared and contrasted, including notions about when and where each of these types can be successfully applied.

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Dr. White has taught one-term courses in or related to complex systems engineering as an adjunct professor at several universities. Most of these courses have been part of masters degree programs for evening students who have full-time jobs in their respective fields.
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